The list below contains the contributions accepted to the main panels and paper sessions at the conference. They are currently being grouped into sessions along with the various Interest Groups, 24×7, posters and workshops and will be published in a draft schedule in the near future.


  • Developing Internationally Interoperable Standardized Rights Statements for Cultural Heritage
    Gore, Emily(1); Keller, Paul (3,2); Matienzo, Mark (1); Cram, Greg (4,1); Issac, Antoine (2)
    1: Digital Public Library of America, United States of America; 2: Europeana,The Netherlands; 3: Kennisland, The Netherlands; 4: New York Public Library, United States of America

  • Managing Annotations for your Repository
    Cole, Timothy(1); Knowles, Claire (2); Sanderson, Robert (3)
    1: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; 2: University of Edinburgh; 3: Stanford University

  • Accuracy, comparability and standardisation of usage statistics in Open Access institutional repositories
    Beucke, Daniel(1); Greene, Joseph W. (2); Amshey, Stefan (3); IRUS-UK, Representative from (4)
    1: Göttingen State and University Library and COAR (Confederation of Open Access Repositories); 2: University College Dublin, Ireland and RIAN, the Irish network of Open Access repositories; 3: bepress Digital Commons; 4: IRUS-UK, (Jisc, Cranfield University and Evidence Base)

  • Repository Rodeo
    Wilcox, David(1); Cramer, Tom (2); Anez, Melissa (3); Donohue, Tim (1); Carr, Leslie (4)
    1: DuraSpace; 2: Stanford University; 3: Islandora Foundation; 4: University of Southampton

  • Building a Better Community: Collaborative FLOSS development across national boundaries
    Awre, Chris(1); Markus, Greg (2); Conrad, Anders (3); Wilcox, David (4)
    1: University of Hull, United Kingdom; 2: Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, Netherlands; 3: The Royal Library, Denmark; 4: DuraSpace, USA

  • Next generation repositories: building the repository of the future
    Rodrigues, Eloy(1); Walk, Paul (2); Shearer, Kathleen (3)
    1: University of Minho, Portugal; 2: EDINA, University of Edinburgh, UK; 3: Confederation of Open Access Repositories


  • Exploring Semantometrics: full text-based research evaluation for open repositories
    Knoth, Petr; Herrmannova, Drahomira Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

  • Scaling Usage Statistics across Repositories as an OpenAIRE Analytics Service
    Pierrakos, Dimitris(1); Schirrwagen, Jochen (2); Príncipe, Pedro (3); Saraiva, Ricardo (3)
    1: ATHENA Research & Innovation Center, Greece; 2: Bielefeld University; 3: University of Minho

  • Gathering and visualizing statistical data at CERN Document Server
    Kasioumis, Nikolaos; MacMahon, Joe; Witowski, Sebastian Department of Information Technology, CERN, Geneva, Switzerland

  • RIOXX: a Modern Metadata Application Profile
    Walk, Paul EDINA, University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom

  • COAR Resource Types – a SKOSified Vocabulary for Open Repositories
    Schirrwagen, Jochen(1); Subirats, Imma (2); Shearer, Kathleen (3)
    1: Bielefeld University Library, Germany; 2: Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, Italy; 3: Confederation of Open Access Repositories (COAR)

  • Enhancing Citation-only Repositories with Digital Object Identifiers, OpenURL and Memento Links
    Hakkarinen, Mark Timothy Georgetown University, United States of America

  • Let the Music Live: Techniques for Managed Integration of a Unique Multimedia Collection into Public Linked Open Data Repositories
    Broadwell, Peter Michael; Klein, Martin UCLA, United States of America

  • Avalon at a Crossroads: From Collaboration to Community
    Dunn, Jon W.(1); Weinraub, Evviva (2)
    1: Indiana University, United States of America; 2: Northwestern University, United States of America

  • HydraDAM2: Repository Challenges and Solutions for Large Media Files
    Cariani, Karen(1); Dunn, Jon W. (2)
    1: WGBH Educational Foundation, United States of America; 2: Indiana University, United States of America

    Alvarez Fernández, Luis Carlos(1); Goovaerts, Marc (2,3)
    1: University of Informatics Sciences; 2: Universitu of Hasselt; 3: VLIR-UOS

  • The Ontario Library Research Cloud: From Idea to Infrastructure in Three Easy Years
    Ruest, Nick(1); Askey, Dale (2)
    1: York University, Canada; 2: McMaster University, Canada

  • The creation of specialized services of the Mexican Network of Institutional Repositories – REMERI to promote Open Access: INDIXE of Digital Thesis and the INDIXE of Journals and Periodicals
    Vázquez Tapia, Rosalina(1); Razo Rodriguez, Antonio Felipe (2)
    1: Autonomous University of San Luis Potosi. Mexico.; 2: Universidad Iberoamericana Puebla. Mexico.

  • Designing Hydra-in-a-Box: What We Learned from the Repository Community
    Frost, Hannah; Geisler, Gary Stanford University Libraries, United States of America

  • A Peek Inside the Box: Technology, Architecture, and Community Engagement to Tame the Hydra
    Giarlo, Michael(1); Fahy, Erin (1); Matienzo, Mark (2)
    1: Stanford University, United States of America; 2: Digital Public Library of America

  • Leaving Flatland: Implications of Using PCDM in the Face of a Major Repository Migration
    Van Tuyl, Steve; Zhang, Hui; Boock, Michael Oregon State University Libraries & Press, United States of America

  • Giving Researchers Credit for their Data
    Jefferies, Neil Stephen University of Oxford, United Kingdom

  • Don’t get irritated, get automated! Accelerating repository workflow with ORCID, Crossref and Datacite
    Krznarich, Elizabeth ORCID, United States of America

  • Identify to simplify: integrating identifiers into national infrastructures with the ORCID HUB
    Bollini, Andrea(1); Brown, Josh (2); Mornati, Susanna (1); Mennielli, Michele (1)
    1: Cineca, Italy; 2: ORCID, US

  • Value added services to garner repository adoption
    Reed, Jack; Beer, Chris; Keck, Jessie Stanford University, United States of America

  • Integration Challenges & Rewards: Heterogeneous Solutions with Fedora4 at the Core
    Ruggaber, Robin; Ramsey, Ellen C University of Virginia, United States of America

  • The headless repository
    Sefton, Peter; Lynch, Michael University of Technology Sydney, Australia

  • Managing Crowd sourced Cultural Heritage Datasets
    Robson, Glen National Library of Wales, United Kingdom

  • Biodiversity Heritage Library: Emerging Tools and Services for Open Data, Open Science and Scholarly Communication
    Rinaldo, Constance(1); Smith, Jane (2); Costantino, Grace (3)
    1: Harvard University, Ernst Mayr Library of the MCZ, United States of America; 2: Natural History Museum, London; 3: Biodiversity Heritage Library/Smithsonian Institution

  • Latin American Digital Initiatives: Realizing Post-Custodial Archival Practice through Digital Repositories
    Polk, Theresa E.(1); Gibson, Jon Erik (2)
    1: LLILAS Benson Latin American Studies and Collections, University of Texas at Austin, United States of America; 2: University of Texas at Austin Libraries, United States of America

  • A Consortial Model for Research Data Services Using Dataverse
    Park, Kristi L.(1); Steans, Ryan J. (1); Thompson, Santi (2); Herbert, Bruce E. (3); Arant Kaspar, Wendi (3); Buckner, Sean (3); Donald, Jeremy (4); Lauland, Nicholas (1); Peters, Todd (5); Rodgers, Denyse (6); Smith, Cecilia (3); Starcher, Christopher (7); Uzwyshyn, Ray (5); Waugh, Laura (1)
    1: Texas Digital Library, United States of America; 2: University of Houston Libraries; 3: Texas A&M University Libraries; 4: Coates Library, Trinity University; 5: Alkek Library, Texas State University; 6: Baylor University Libraries; 7: Texas Tech University Libraries

  • Increasing the Availability and Reuse of Earth Science Ontologies Using a Repository
    Pouchard, Line C.(1); Huhns, Michael N. (2); Narock, Thomas W. (3)
    1: Purdue University, United States of America; 2: University of South Carolina; 3: Marymount University

  • Research Data Management in Austria – A manageable task for Austrian research institutions?
    Ganguly, Raman University of Vienna, Austria

  • Comprehensive data-software-workflow management system for structural biology.
    Sliz, Peter(1); Crosas, Merce (2); Doherty, Peter (1)
    1: Structural Biology Data Grid, Harvard University, United States of America; 2: Dataverse, IQSS, Harvard University

  • Digital Rocks Portal: an open repository for sharing, automated translation and analysis of volumetric images
    Esteva, Maria(1); Hanlon, Matthew (1); Prodanovic, Masa (2); Ranganath, Aditi (3); Venkatesh, Ashwini (3)
    1: Texas Advanced Computing Center, University of Texas at Austin, United States of America; 2: Center for Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering, University of Texas at Austin, United States; 3: Department of Computer Sciences, University of Texas at Austin

  • HEPData – a repository for high energy physics data exploration
    Maguire, Eamonn(1); Watt, Graeme (2); Stypka, Jan (1); Szostak, Michal (1); Whalley, Michael (2); Luis Boya García, Juan (3); Dallmeier-Tiessen, Sünje (1); Mele, Salvatore (1); Krauss, Frank (2)
    1: CERN, Geneva, Switzerland; 2: Durham IPPP, Durham University, Durham, England; 3: University of Salamanca, Salamanca, Spain

  • Integrating a Faculty Activity Reporting System with an Institutional Repository in Support of Open Access
    Hanrath, Scott University of Kansas, United States of America

  • Imperial College London – journey to open scholarship
    Reimer, Torsten Imperial College London, United Kingdom

  • Integrating Repository and Scholarly Communication Services with Institutional Faculty Data Infrastructures
    Speer, Julie; Gilbertson, Keith; Ogier, Andi; French, Amanda; Layne, Peggy; Battleson, Keith Virginia Tech, United States of America

  • Integrating the archiving and access of large research datasets with an Institutional Repository
    Addis, Matthew(1); Smith, Jeremy (1); McNicholl, Rory (2); Miles-Board, Timothy (2)
    1: Arkivum, United Kingdom; 2: University of London Computing Centre (ULCC), United Kingdon

  • Experience with Ingestion of Large Collections at DRI
    Kenny, Stuart; Cassidy, Kathryn Digital Repository of Ireland, Trinity College Dublin

  • Impressed by Ingest – Efficient and Reliable Workflows
    Lehtonen, Juha; Lehtonen, Kuisma; Tenhunen, Aarno; Törnroos, Juha; Vainio, Ville-Pekka; Vatanen, Mikko CSC – IT Center for Science, Finland

  • Baton: Lightweight, Service-Oriented Workflow Management
    Bell, John P.; Green, Jennifer W. Dartmouth College, United States of America

  • Monitoring an Open Access Funder Mandate
    Carvalho, José(1); Laranjeira, Cátia (2); Moreira, João (2); Vaz, Vasco (2)
    1: University of Minho, Portugal; 2: FCT | FCCN, Portugal

  • Towards a Comprehensive and Up-To-Date Institutional Repository: Development of a Publications Tracking Process
    Baessa, Mohamed; Grenz, Daryl; Wang, Han King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), University Library, Thuwal, Saudi Arabia

  • An Open Peer Review Module for Open Access Repositories
    Perakakis, Pandelis (1,2); Ponsati, Agnes (3); Bernal, Isabel (3); Sierra, Carles (4); Osman, Nardine (4); Herrera-Viedma, Enrique (5); Lopez-Herrera, Antonio Gabriel (5); Mosquera-de-Arancibia, Concha (6); Lorenzo, Emilio (7)
    1: Open Scholar CIC, UK; 2: Mind, Brain and Behaviour Research Centre (CIMCYC), University of Granada; 3: DIGITAL-CSIC, Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, Spain; 4: Artificial Intelligence Research Institute, IIIA-CSIC, Campus UAB, Bellaterra, Catalonia, Spain; 5: Department of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, CITIC-UGR (Research Center on Information and Communications Technology), Secaba Lab, Universidad de Granada, Spain; 6: e-IEO, Instituto Español de Oceanografía, Spain; 7: Arvo Consultores, Spain

  • Can Repositories be Attractive—Even Sexy—Features of Digital Libraries? Making Visualization Work for Institutional Repositories
    Borda, Susan; Sterman, Leila Montana State University, United States of America

  • Lantern – shedding light on your open access articles
    Jones, Richard; Tolev, Emanuil; MacGillivray, Mark; Ranganathan, Anusha Cottage Labs, United Kingdom

  • Implementing Orphan Works Legislation at the Digital Repository of Ireland
    Bustillo, Marta(1); Grant, Rebecca (2); Cassidy, Kathryn (1)
    1: Trinity College Dublin, Ireland; 2: Digital Repository of Ireland

  • Workflows and key messages to enable Open Research
    Proven, Jackie; Fina, Federica University of St Andrews, United Kingdom

  • Building a repository as an instrument for change
    van Bergen, Saskia; Sesink, Laurents Leiden University Libraries, Netherlands, The

  • Are Repositories Impeding Big Data Reuse?
    Xie, Zhiwu(1); Galad, Andrej (2); Chen, Yinlin (1,2); Fox, Edward (2)
    1: University Libraries, Virginia Tech, United States of America; 2: Department of Computer Science, Virginia Tech, United States of America

  • Researching Researchers: Avalon Media System’s Ethnographic Study of Media Repository Usage
    Cane, Deborah I.; Caizzi, Carolyn Northwestern University Libraries, United States of America

  • The role of the Institutional Repository in a Library and University’s Digital Strategy: The Mexican Experience.
    Martinez, Alberto Santiago; Rivero, Javier Eduardo Daniel Cosio Villegas Library, El Colegio de Mexico.