Developer Track and Ideas Challenge

Each year a significant proportion of the delegates at Open Repositories are software developers who work on repository software or related services. OR2016 will feature a Developer Track and Ideas Challenge that will provide a focus for showcasing work and exchanging ideas.

Developer Track Presentations

Building on the success of last year’s Developer Track, where we encouraged live hacking and audience participation, we invite members of the technical community to share their favourite features, systems, tools and best practices.  We once again encourage live demonstrations, tours of code repositories, examples of cool features and we welcome the unique viewpoints that so many members of our community possess.

Presentations will be timed at 20 minutes, with 5 additional minutes for questions.

Submissions should take the form of a title and a brief outline of what will be shared with the community.  Additionally, please provide any of the following as appropriate:

  • Easily parsable list of things to be demonstrated (with URLs if appropriate)
  • Where to find more information (links to further reading / watching)>
  • Resources required for your presentation (if they go beyond a data projector and an internet connection)
  • Any assistance / interaction you may require from the session chairs or audience

Submission Deadline: Midnight GMT 7th March 2016.
Submit to Developer Track!

Ideas Challenge

Similar in form to the ideas challenge at OR2015, the ideas challenge provides a way for the community to talk about what repositories could be. Teams should form at the conference, so no preparation is required. We invite you to consider the following question in the run-up to the conference:

“How can repositories make the lives of academics easier?”

We will introduce this year’s challenge at the opening session of the conference.  More details to follow.

For inquiries, please contact the Developer Track Co-Chairs, Adam Field and Claire Knowles  at adam.field [at] and claire.knowles [at]

Developer Track Co-chairs:

Adam Field, SHERPA Services Analyst Developer, JISC
Claire Knowles, Library Digital Development Manager, University of Edinburgh