Introducing the Host Country

What Makes Ireland So Unique for Business

The island of Ireland is the most westerly island in Europe, it is 450 km long and 300 km wide and is divided into the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Ireland enjoys a rich diversity of ethnic groups and cultures. English is spoken by everyone in Ireland and in some areas Irish is spoken also.

Dublin is Ireland’s capital city and was founded by the Vikings in 841. The city is steeped in history and buzzing with energy. Medieval, Georgian and modern architecture provide a backdrop to a friendly cosmopolitan city. Dublin is a thriving centre for culture and is home to a great musical and literary tradition, its native sons include Shaw, Yeats, Joyce, Wilde and Beckett.

The city’s attractions include castles, museums, art galleries, pubs and cafes. Within half an hour of the city are mountain walks, stately homes and gardens, numerous golf courses, sandy beaches and fishing villages. The conference venue is located right in the centre of the city and is very easy to navigate around with everything within walking distance. A city map will be provided in your delegate pack to ensure you are familiar with the city.

For those interested in seeing some of Dublin and Ireland best tourist attractions, delegates will have the opportunity to purchase optional tour tickets on their registration form.

"We have always found the Irish a bit odd. They refuse to be English"

− Sir Winston Churchill

"Ireland, sir, for good or evil, is like no other place under heaven, and no man can touch its sod or breathe its air without becoming better or worse"

− George Bernard Shaw

"The Irish are the one race of people for whom psychoanalysis is of no use whatsoever"

− Sigmund Freud