About Me


Father of 3, Law Journalist
Author & Stay at home Dad
Roots of the earth.
True and sure.
Day or night, we are ready.
Good life, good death.
Freedom at last.
Progress through unity.
Eternal shepherds.
Pride and prosperity.
Let there be eternal light.
Ever the same, ever the different.


What My Friends Think:

“It takes a while to get to know Archie Carter, but if there’s anything you should know it’s that he’s sociable and organized.

Of course he’s also individualistic, helpful and farsighted, but they’re far less prominent, especially compared to impulses of being arrogant as well.
His sociable nature though, this is what he’s so well-liked for. On many occasions people will count on this and his appreciative nature whenever they need help.

Nobody’s perfect of course and Archie has plenty of less favorable characteristics too. His disconcerting nature and thievish nature risk ruining pleasant moods and make things uncomfortable to say the least.
Fortunately his organization skills helps lighten the blows and moods when needed.”

– Glenda Dorfer