What 2016 Statistics Reveal About U.S. Lawyers

Lawyering remains a vibrant part of American democracy, as 2016 statistics reveal. Basically, lawyers represent legal interests of individuals and businesses. But more importantly, the professionals uphold the rule of law and are an acid test of democracy.

According to the United States Department of Labor, there were close to 800,000 lawyer jobs up for grabs as 2016 statistics show. Statistics don’t lie unless of course, someone has managed to fat-finger some numbers under the nose. America’s 2016 statistics about the lawyering profession, for their part, are cold. As such, the 2016 statistics are best examined with the blindfolded symbol of justice in mind.

As American jurisprudence reminds us all, everyone is considered innocent unless proven otherwise in the courts of law. It’s so easy to get angry when a prominent lawyer manages to get a perceived criminal scot-free by virtue of a legal technicality. Nevertheless, this is what the nearly 800,000 attorneys had signed up for.


They have sworn to defend a person regardless of his or her stature in life. For doing their job, attorneys basically earn USD $56 per hour according to 2016 statistics. And it doesn’t matter whose side they’re on.

Lawyers are paid an average of USD $118,000 per year also according to 2016 statistics. These numbers include malpractice fees or the so-called inadequate defense that often results in a mistrial. Just like the 2016 statistics for global warming, the 2016 statistics for lawyers show a steady increase in attorney salaries.

Although lawyering may seem like a fun job, the profession is just as grueling and as stressful as being a doctor. The 2016 statistics may be staggering considering the average salary of other professions, particularly on a per hour basis. However, when you look at what lawyers have to go through to earn their keep or the tremendous student loans they had to pay back after school–all these are mitigating circumstances for the topnotch pay the solicitors of America are getting.

Lawyers can even theoretically challenge 2016 statistics if they so wish or if there’s a client for which such a pursuit will be worthwhile. This profession is definitely full of surprises. Anything can happen on any given day unless an attorney is just content with doing notary public documentation. Fortunately, 2016 statistics demonstrate that a vast majority of counselors are up to more interesting cases. So much for job satisfaction.